Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Schlotzky's Panini

I LOVE schlotzsky's (I don't even know how to spell it, but I love it) It's a sandwich shop and to be honest, I don't see too many of them around anymore. I used to work there when I was in college in Orem, UT. I didn't love the job, but I loved going home every day with a sandwich. So here is my best re-do of their masterpiece. I didn't know about using Sourdough rolls, so I used sourdough bread instead, and made it into a panini. I WILL be making this again. We had it with the broccoli and cheese soup. YUM!


mozzarella cheese
slices of sourdough

I put two pieces of bread on a broiling rack and placed meats and cheese and broiled for 2-3 minutes. I then put the sandwich together onto my grill to toast the outside, I also added olives. Once it was done I opened it up and added lettuce. David says I can't call it a Panini if it had lettuce in it, but I then told him, "I'll do what I want :)"

(We had to smoosh *that is a technical term, BTW* it down with something, so we grabbed the bag of flour out of the pantry and covered in in tin foil. worked great!)

Recipe from out of this little crazy brain of mine.

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