Tuesday, March 2, 2010



8 x 8 seaweed sheets
2 cups botan rice (japanese rice... very important!)
3 cups water
1 rice cooker
rice wine vineager
immitation crab

Wash and rinse rice SEVERAL TIMES then place in a rice cooker. If you don't have a rice cooker, don't even try. Rice is the key ingredient. Once rice is cooked transfer to a wooden bowl, add rice vineager to taste. (Mika added a powder which was WAY yummier, you can get it at Japnese food stores)

Once rice is finished, spread over seaweed sheet. then add crab and avacado, roll up with a bamboo mat.

Top with pickled ginger and dip in soy sauce. YUM!

THANKS MIKA!!! You are the best!


  1. You make it sound easy! I'll be over for lunch tomorrow.

    Does hugging the baby come with the sushi?

  2. Mika and Barb . . . come teach me! Road trip!

  3. Hi there. Stumbled onto your site. Great site, yummy recipes. However, I'd like to issue a word of caution. And I'm not at all trying to be rude! Just informative. This recipe and another for skirt steak tacos...are NOT gluten free. Imitation crab has gluten in it as does soy sauce. I have Celiac Disease and recognized these two ingredients as having gluten in them but someone who is newly diagnosed may not and could become sick. I just wanted to let you know since they have the gluten free tag on them. Again, please, I'm not being rude. Just letting someone know.