Thursday, November 18, 2010

Owl cupcakes

It all starts with these:

and you go and buy this:

Then you have a little friend that looks like this:
(lets call him Duddly)

Then 'Duddly' tells his friends how fun our house is and how cute the kids are, and eventually we get this:

And apparently Duddly has cousins, friends and neighbors that want to join in the party...

And here I am talking to the cupcakes that I just made. Maybe I need to get out more! As I was packing them up to take them to Keagan's classroom I could swear I heard little voices saying "please don't eat me" Sorry friends. You have got to go.

Keagan loved them as well. We had a blast making (and carrying on conversations) with our new little fury friends!

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  1. Did I mention that I loved this post!! Boy, do I miss you. I made two pies this week and would have really liked your reviews.
    After I briefly talked to you, I had an interview with a staff person, dinner guests, and other KOA craziness-I should have stayed on the phone!!